Importance of Political stability in Pakistan best informative article by Mehwish siddique

Stable political system is a backbone of every country because political unrest badly impacts on their economic climate.Now a days Pakistan facing this issue on a very serious note.Economic development automatically decreases when political parties enhance sudden change of power,new elections etc.This act disturbs every institution and their plans.Workers and their families also suffer in this process.Investment and political stability strongly relates to each others.Due to current circumstances of Pakistan Investment level has become almost zero.Stock markets has no rates.Resultantly due to insecurity of Government people of Pakistan has to face problems like unemployment and poverty etc.Moving further from 2018 Pakistan faced drastic political unrest that’s why country automatically doom into the darkness of Economic crisis.Conclusion..If any country want to develop in whole world there should be must political stability..Stable political countries political system strongly helps people and their businesses in every situations..There is no short term policy..Plans are working according to their strategy..When it works profit direct reach to the people of their country because progressive economic climate convert poverty to the prosperity..

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Mehwish siddique

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  1. You are right.Our country is in crises that can only be resolved by taking steps by own , thinking that it is our country and We have to take it to the hight of sky.

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