India not coming to Pakistan for exciting cricket tournament Asia Cup 2023 “

“India not coming to Pakistan for exciting cricket tournament Asia Cup 2023. “

Indian cricket board chairman “jay shah “stubborn statement to their media.The Asia Cup 2023 will be held at a neutral venue,

” Shah had told media.

“I am saying this as ACC President. We [India] can’t go there [to Pakistan], they can’t come here. In the past also, Asia Cup has been played at a neutral venue.”

Indian Government and his non professional behavior is right or not??

Ever since the establishment of Pakistan and India, the relationship between these two countries has been under great strain.The peace and tranquility of both of them are connected with each other.

There is an urgent need for both of them to take concrete steps to restore the economy.

Some governments in Pakistan have completed their term and martial law has been imposed several times, but the situation remains the same. There has been no change.

Pakistan, as a neighboring country, has sent invitations of friendship many times. It has suggested to discuss the Kashmir issue together, but India rejected their offer every time, using pretexts.

Not only the economy but every activity is being badly affected by them.Recently the Asia World Cup 2023 competition was announced.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh immediately accepted the offer to come to Pakistan but India as usual put their ego first.

If seen, all big teams including Australia, New Zealand, England are coming to Pakistan and playing their series.

All institutions of Pakistan are providing them complete and full-proof security.

Alhamdulillah, everyone has come to know that Pakistan has come out of the clutches of terrorism. That’s why everyone is accepting it. After completing the tour, all these teams were reviewed in different ways regarding security. But everyone has described the security of Pakistan as the best.

The whole world is watching the match between Pakistan and India, but the Indian government does not care about the feelings of the people.

They only care about their own ego.Even on the establishment of Asia Cricket Cup 2023, India flatly refused to come and play in Pakistan under the pretense of security. They are ready to play at a neutral venue.

The ICC chairman should have taken notice of this. Why is he not punished severely for taking such an attitude?

If India is a big country in terms of population, then they get the most funding from ICC. Then what is the favor? And what is the fear?If justice is provided to both the countries then India should never take such action but only then it is possible.

Recently, Pakistan have faced India on three different occasions. Once in the 2021 T20 World Cup, where Babar and Mohammad Rizwan thrashed India, while chasing, without losing any wicket.India then beat Pakistan in both teams’ opener at the 2022 Asia Cup, while Pakistan went one-up again during the Super 4 round, eventually making their way to the final, where the Men in Green lost the title match to Sri Lanka.

Many senior players of Pakistan and India have strongly condemned this decision of the Indian government.They say that the more politics are kept away from sports activities, the better.

On August 1, 2023, the hockey team has also left for India via the Wagah border. Pakistan has taken a positive step on its part.To make the relations between the two countries happy, now India should also send its team to Pakistan to play cricket.

With this decision, an atmosphere of peace will be established between the two countries. The paths of the economy will be smooth. One has to put one’s ego behind for development, then all this can be possible.

After all Relationships are based on equality.

Written by,

Mehwish Siddique.

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