Let’s think together for the welfare of Pakistan patriotic based Article by Mehwish Siddique

Let’s think together for the welfare of Pakistan

August 14, 2023

Today in Pakistan is celebrated as Independence Day anniversary. On this day people make new clothes, buy matching jewellery, children play instruments.

Boys walk around carrying flags. Houses are decorated with flags. It is decorated withWhoever has a bicycle puts a flag on it..

Whoever has a bike puts it on it..Whoever has a car gets the flag painted on it.Girls apply henna. are goingA special get-together is organized.

Everyone gets together and shares happiness.Anthems, national songs, fireworks, drums, dance, cakes and other rituals.

Everything is fine, but where is Pakistan in all this?

Where is its name?

I did not see any attempt to make a determination for the development of Pakistan in all this noise.

It is better than this to do at least one thing today which only shows the improvement of Pakistan.

1.Plant a sapling.

2.Get admission to a poor child in a school.

3.Someone’s school bag should be arranged. 4.Water coolers should be placed in a school. 5.Infrastructure of a government school should be changed.

6. Education expenses of a girl child should be lifted.

7. Daily allowance of a poor father should be increased. So that they can give higher education to their children.

God, today, whoever has access to it, must spend that much money for the welfare of Pakistan and its nation.

It is called the right of freedom and it should be paid in the same way.

O AllahThis flag of ours, this lovely flag of ours.

Protecting him from the evil of enemies.

To live with honor and dignity to the world.

Ameen.Be happy, share happiness.

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