MaYiri Famous Drama Review By Mehwish Siddique


ARY Digital is one of the broadcasters.Most of the people are liking this drama and some people are also showing negative reactions.

It is obvious that every person’s position is different, we cannot force anyone to like or dislike it.

I have nothing to say in this regard. I have come here with another question.Whoever created this play wrote the character of Habib very earnestly.

They put a lot of emphasis on his ear-scratching behavior.He is scratching his ears whenever he talks.????????????????

1.Now the question is whether the writer has clarified this action so much in his story or it is a habit of the actor playing the role of Habib.

2.If the writer wrote, then what is the condition of the ears of the actor who played the role of poor Habib, I would definitely like to know. Do you also want to know?

3.The more ears he pulled while shooting the drama, surely his ears must have either hung or thinned out. Because many times while shooting, one has to go through the stages of retakes.

Think for yourself when they retake the scene, the poor actor had to redo the ear scratching process.what do you think.?????????????????

This is just an art based post..Please refrain from negative comments..Thanks a lot.What is your opinion about this drama?????????????????#MayiRi


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