The 5th August the day of Kashmir Exploitation best informative Article by Mehwish Siddique

The 5th day of August

“Kashmir Exploitation Day”

In Pakistan, it is known as Black Day. On this day, Kashmiris’ commitment to self-determination was rejected.

On this day, India passed a formal law to deny their freedom rights under Article 370A. went.There have been thousands of stories of cruelty and brutality.

But for 75 years this problem has remained the same.Kashmir is our religious brother. They also have full right to live in a free state. Transparent elections are the only way in this state.

They should be given free will to join any country they want to join.If they want to live in a free country, we are ready for that too.

We care more about the happiness of our Kashmiri people than the rivers of blood.It is an appeal to the entire international community to come together and come up with a solid solution to this problem.

If the same thing happened in Western countries, the United Nations would have included this issue in the top list and taken a blunt stand on it.This act of India is a heavy slap on the face of the International Court of Justice.In a disputed state, no one country can impose its decision on the other.

Whatever the decision is, it is always done through mutual consultation of both parties.Passing this law on August 5 is also a unilateral decision.

Pakistan will never accept this initiative.Free Kashmir, give them the right to decide.

Pakistan Zindabad

Long live Kashmir

Article by:Mehwish Siddique

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